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Improved nutrient absorption

Increased oxygen exchange in soil

More efficient water usage

Enhanced thatch breakdown

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Lawn aeration will help the soil breathe

Aerating a lawn will supply the soil with air by the removal of cores or plugs from the grass. Aerification is done with a special machine having hollow spoons mounted on a camshaft. Known as a core aerator, it extracts 5/8” wide cores of soil and deposits them on the lawn. Aeration cores are typically between 2-3” deep and spaced between 2-6” apart.

Aeration schedule

Aerations should be scheduled in conjunction with naturally occurring growth cycles in the grass. Root development happens during the spring and fall and can be enhanced with an aeration. And during your aeration service, it is also a great idea to combine lawn fertilization with grass seeding for maximum benefits.

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Soil compaction has a negative effect on your lawn

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Aerating is a great way to assist in nutrient and oxygen delivery to your lawn while maximizing root development throughout the season.

Aeration will make your lawn healthier

Core-aeration is our most recommended practice used to enhance the health and appearance of any lawn.  Aerating, sometimes called lawn aerification is the best way to improve air/gas exchange, increase water absorption, and nutrient uptake in your grass. The main objective is to build stronger grass roots which will thicken up the lawn to improve the look and color.

Strengthen your lawn with core-aeration

Aeration quality control checklist

Complete lawn inspection

Note all flagged areas to avoid damage

Complete clean-up after service

Leave-behind report card will be left at your door


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State-of-the-art aerator machines

Our powerful, light weight core aerator service machines are designed to pull out 50% more cores per square foot and produce more consistent, deeper coring. We use the same style machines used on golf courses.

SeasonGreen's professional turf managers

Our knowledgeable Managers know exactly how to care for your lawn. We'll set up your aeration service to ensure the best seasonal results and make sure that your property is getting serviced at just the right time to maximize benefits and keep your lawn healthy.

Award-winning service team

Our uniformed, insured, professionally-trained service team will follow exact procedures on your property to guarantee successful lawn aeration results.

Free lawn analysis to help improve your lawn

SeasonGreen is your eyes and ears on site. We will examine your entire lawn during our service, then leave you a detailed analysis and give you ideas to help you further improve your lawn.

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Soil compaction occurs in all lawns naturally and has a negative impact on nutrient uptake and water infiltration, in addition to being a physical barrier to root growth. This results in lawn deterioration, poor top growth, and a lawn that wastes money on fertilizer and water.

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