•  First application $39.95

•  $79.95 per application

•  5 applications per year

•  Up to 1 acre

Applying professional grade, slow-release products guarantee the best results. Thats why we custom blend 4 seperate products to maximize mosquito reduction.

4 treatments per service

We'll gladly perform a FREE follow up any time you experience biting mosquitoes between treatments.

100% guarantee

•  We will meet your expectations

•  Dedicated service professional -- knows your property and pets

•  State-of-art formula provides longest residual protection

•  Cheap competitor products wash away with rain and are ineffective

•  Controlled-release treatments lasts up to 8 weeks

•  We invest in the most expensive technology available

Why SeasonGreen?

What to expect

STEP 1 INSPECT - We conduct a thorough inspection and customize a treatment pan for your properties unique needs.

STEP 2 ELIMINATE - Our treatment begins working immediately to reduce the mosquito population.

STEP 3 PROTECT - Treatment contains a zone of protection that lasts weeks.

STEP 4 MAINTAIN - Scheduled visits keep mosquitoes under control to keep your family and pets safe.

•  Schedule your service online

•  Email reminder prior to service

•  Your licensed pro will service your property

•  Special attention to play areas and pets

•  Leave behind info will be left at your door

•  Email service summary after each service

Professional mosquito protection

First application $39.95

Season-long pest control services

Protect your family and pets from fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes

Eliminate mosquitoes & pests from your yard

Our signature controled-release treatments will eliminate disease carrying mosquitoes in and around your yard. We have a proven and guaranteed plan that will stop mosquitoes dead. Buy a plan and start enjoying your back yard again this summer!

Get mosquito barrier protection for your yard

Apply controlled-release mosquito treatments around yard

Continuous barrier of protection all summer

Serviced automatically. You do not have to be home during service.

Leave-behind card will be left after each service


Natural source is safe for children and pets

Pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum [or Tanacetum] cinerariaefolium) is a natural occuring plant hormone that is completely safe for children and pets. This hormone acts as both a repellent and an effective treatment.

Award-winning service team

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Our uniformed, insured, professionally-trained service team will follow exact procedures on your property to guarantee successful mosquito treatments and pest control.

100% guaranteed

SeasonGreen takes the health and safety of your family very seriously. We provide guaranteed protection from mosqutoes, fleas, and ticks for the entire season and will make follow up visits as needed to guarantee your satisfacation 100%  

*1 Requires purchase of full mosquito program. $39.95 is for first application only, for EasyPay or PrePay residential customers only, and applies to properties up to 1 acre.

We'll provide regularly scheduled visits to make sure your family and pets are protected. Mosquitoes will be virtually eliminated and will continue that way until our next visit.


•   Convenient online scheduling  

•   Award-winning service expert

•   Special attention to play areas and pets

•   4 treatments per service

•   Guaranteed protection all year

Protect your family from mosquitoes