SeasonGreen’s trained technicians will service and winterize your system to prevent costly freeze damage due to the cold Minnesota winter. We will take care of all the scheduling and guarantee our services 100%.  

100% Guarantee Against Damage

SeasonGreen guarantees your satisfaction 100% on all of our sprinkler system services. If SeasonGreen performs your annual sprinkler system winterization program prior to freezing temperatures, and freeze damage occurs during the winter, SeasonGreen will inspect and repair, at our cost, any damage as a result of faulty SeasonGreen workmanship.

Convenient Scheduling

Forget the hassles of scheduling your sprinkler system winterization and blow out service. Just make one call to us and we will handle all the details of scheduling, servicing, and notifications. To make things even more convenient, we can help you set up all your future sprinkler maintenance services including repair service, spring start ups, summer check ups, and water conservation audits.

System Report Card

After every irrigation service you will receive an irrigation report card that itemizes all the services that were performed that day. We will use this to keep you notified of professional  recommendations and tips to make your sprinkler system even more efficient.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our sprinkler service technicians are trained to take their time to ensure expert results on every service. And if for any reason you are not satisfied with our results we will do whatever it takes to make it right. 100% Guaranteed.

Sprinkler System Winterization Checklist

Winterize your entire system according to industry standard practices

Winterize back-flow preventer and rain sensor as required

Clear all irrigation lines of water using compressed air

Sprinkler system report card will be given

To learn more call us at (612)310-8995 or set up your sprinkler system winterization & blow out now >>

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Call 612.310.8995

Or call (612) 310-8995
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Sprinkler System Winterization & Blow-Out

   100% Guarantee Against Freeze Damage

   Priority Service in October & November

   Convenient Scheduling

   System Report Card

   100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Or call (612) 310-8995
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